MEDUMAT Transport

The high-end ventilator for every application

MEDUMAT Transport with hygiene filter and rechargeable battery

Support in emergency medicine and intensive care

No one working day for the emergency medical services is the same as any other. Every call-out is a challenge. It is above all in emergency situations that users must be able to rely on technical support. The high-end MEDUMAT Transport ventilator is the perfect partner for challenges which change daily. It meets the requirements of primary emergency care just as it does the secondary ones of transporting emergency and intensive care patients. MEDUMAT Transport is a reliable device at all times and in any environment – whether you are at the emergency site, in an ambulance, in a helicopter, or at a hospital. At the same time, the ventilator has flexible uses: regardless of whether you are treating an infant, a child or an adult, the pressure-controlled ventilation modes enable you to ventilate any age in the same way.

Five benefits of MEDUMAT Transport

  • Quick and simple to make ready for operation
  • Eight integrated ventilation modes, three curves can be shown simultaneously
  • Large display, and FiO₂ of 40 – 60 % can be set on the device
  • Therapy functions for intensive care
  • Hygiene filter provides protection from contamination

Emergency function: press it and the MEDUMAT Transport immediately ventilates at the correct rate, in the correct mode and with the correct volume. That’s just sensational.

M.A. Taleb Johanniter air rescue service
customer service

Customer service

If you are interested in our devices and would like some advice about MEDUMAT Transport, then contact us directly.

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Emergency physician operates MEDUMAT Transport
patient requiring ventilation is transported to the rescue helicopter by two paramedics
Patient is treated in the ambulance with MEDUMAT Transport
Patient is ventilated at the accident site with MEDUMAT Transport

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Integrated ventilation modes

BiLevel + ASB

Optional functions

Accessories & portable units

It is important that accessories and consumables, as well as ventilators, are easy to use. Find the right emergency accessories for your MEDUMAT Transport to suit every situation now!

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Matching portable units 

  • LIFE-BASE light   
  • LIFE-BASE 1 NG  

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Download area

Curious? Go to our Download area for more product information such as brochures, images, videos, PC simulations, instructions for use, and certificates.

Technical details

Dimensions with hygiene filter (W x H x D):

364 mm x 163 mm x 149 mm

Dimensions without hygiene filter (W x H x D):

345 mm x 163 mm x 149 mm


approx. 4.5 kg

Temperature (operating conditions):

-18 °C to +50 °C 
(0 °C to +40 °C with CO₂ measurement) 

Altitude above mean sea level (operating conditions):

-500 m (to approx. 3,500 m) 

Degree of protection:


Degree of protection against:   

  • Ingress of solid objects 
  • Ingress of dust 
  • Ingress of water with harmful effect  
Mechanical resistance to shock and vibration:

EN 1789 
EN 794-3 
ISO 10651-3 
RTCA DO-160 
MIL-STD 810 G 

Battery runtime (typical):

approx. 7.5 h

Power supply:

12 to 15 V or 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz with external power supply unit and charger 

Ventilation modes (standard):


Ventilation modes (optional):

BiLevel + ASB

  • Airway pressure
  • exp. flow/volume
  • optional: Capnography 
Tidal volume:

50 ml to 2,000 ml

Ventilation rate:

0/min to 60/min


59:1 to 1:59


0 mbar to 30 mbar

Other standards applied:

EN 60601-1 
EN 60601-1-2 
EN 794-3 
ISO 10651-3 
EN 13718-1 

MEDUMAT Transport with hygiene filter and rechargeable battery

Removable, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Operating time of up to 7.5 hours in normal operations

Clear Seven-inch Color Display

For presentation of up to three monitoring curves and optimum patient monitoring

Easy-to-Use Function Keys

Simplify and speed up device operation

Large, Highly Visible Alarm Light

For safe operation

USB Port

To transmit settings, for example, or to make a software update on your own

Compressed Gas Connection, Front

Inlet/Outlet for medical oxygen or compressed air

Easily Accessible Front Connections

For patient circuit, flow sensor and compressed gas supply

Compressed Gas Connection, Side

Inlet for medical oxygen or compressed air

Hygiene Filter

Protects the interior of the device from contamination

Training courses and interactive training

Our training video shows you how to use MEDUMAT Transport flexibly and intuitively. Among other things, we explain how to initiate ventilation using patient height and describe the aPCV ventilation mode, O₂ inhalation and alarm characteristics. 

If you’d like to get to know the functions of MEDUMAT Transport in more detail, the easiest way is to operate the device yourself. Use our interactive simulation software to do this - you’ll be impressed by how intuitive it is to use. 

Start interactive training

Simulation MEDUMAT Transport version 6.15

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