MEDUMAT Standardᵃ

The ventilation standard for professionals

MEDUMAT Standardᵃ

Emergency ventilation made easy

Specially developed for emergencies: MEDUMAT Standardᵃ is easy to operate and very rugged, which is why users from around the world appreciate this ventilator. It offers controlled and assisted ventilation options to give you appropriate support in an emergency. You can set constant values for the tidal volume, ventilation rate and minute volume to prevent injuries caused by hyperventilation or hypoventilation. The control panel is clearly arranged and contains symbols and colors to help you quickly set the correct ventilation parameters. In the event of any problems, the device emits audible and visual alarms. A special feature is the assisted ventilation. The ventilator automatically triggers a breath if the patient displays an inspiratory trigger.  

Five advantages of MEDUMAT Standarda

  • Function extension according to your needs
  • Alarm system guarantees a high level of safety
  • Easy transportation
  • Simple operation
  • Complies with EN 1789

Whether controlled or assisted ventilation, you can always rely on the MEDUMAT Standarda!

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Rescuers carry MEDUMAT Standardᵃ and push stretcher with patient on it
Injured cyclist is ventilated with the MEDUMAT Standardᵃ
Man on stretcher being ventilated with MEDUMAT Standardᵃ

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Not only ventilators, but also the accessories and consumables must be easy to use. Find the right emergency accessories for your MEDUMAT Standardᵃ for every situation now! 

To emergency accessories 

Matching portable units

  • LIFE BASE Mini II 

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Technical details

Dimensions (W x H x D):

190 mm x 110 mm x 90 mm 


approx. 1.1 kg 

Temperature (operating conditions):

-18 °C bis +60 °C 

Height above sea level (operating conditions):

-500 to 3,000 m 

Degree of protection:


Degree of protection against:

  • Ingress of solid foreign bodies
  • Ingress of dust
  • Ingress of water with harmful effect 
Resistance to shock and vibration:

EN 1789
EN 794-3
ISO 10651-3
RTCA DO-160 

Power supply:

no external power supply required 

Battery runtime (typically):

Battery replacement interval: 2 years 

Ventilation modes (standard):



Airway pressure 

Other functions:

assisted ventilation 


AirMix (approx. 60 %) or 100 % 

Tidal volume:

75 ml to 4 000 ml 

Ventilation rate:

between 1:1 and 1:2,33 in assisted ventilation 


2.5 to 10 mbar via external PEEP valve 

Further standards used:

EN 60601-1
EN 60601-1-2
EN 794-3
ISO 10651-3 


ou can find more product information such as brochures, pictures, instructions for use and certificates in our download section. 

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MEDUMAT Standardᵃ

Training courses and interactive training

Our training video gives you an initial impression of our ventilator. You find out how to set the different modes and options for invasive and non-invasive ventilation (NIV) on MEDUMAT Standard².  

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