Premium NIV Disposable Masks

Efficient NIV therapy from the emergency site to the hospital

NIV Premium Mask

Soft straps

for increased patient comfort

Self-sealing cushion

Colored mask cushion

for clear size recognition

Pre-assembled strap system

for swift fastening and unfastening of mask

Chin holder

ensures an increased seal for the mask

Mask adjusts itself

to fit your face

Pressure relief

on the bridge of the nose

Emergency Accessories

Efficient NIV therapy from the emergency site to the hospital

Premium Disposable Mask for NIV Therapy

The premium disposable mask for NIV therapy meets the most stringent requirements, ensuring the best conditions for your successful CPAP therapy. The better the mask fits, the better the patient tolerance and the better the seal.

It is easy to select and fit the right mask. Color coding identifies the size and the sizing guide printed on the packaging helps you select the right mask size. Fitting and adjusting the mask is fast since the headgear straps are already attached and the mask can easily be adjusted to fit each patient via the hook and loop straps.

Easy to use, comfortable for the patient: the best conditions for efficient NIV therapy.

Top Facts:

  • Ready for use thanks to attached headgear straps

  • Easy to fit securely

  • Color coding for easy mask size selection

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Can be used from the emergency site to the hospital 

  • Excellent seal for efficient NIV therapy

  • Reduced risk of allergies: does not contain natural rubber latex