MEDUMAT Transport

High-End Ventilation for Every Use


Working in close cooperation with our customers and partners, we developed MEDUMAT Transport especially for the ventilation of patients in emergency situations and intensive care transport. Our goal was to ensure ideal ventilation in any situation in pre-hospital care or secondary transport. MEDUMAT Transport is already in use around the world, day and night, on land, on water and in the air. Emergency medical personnel can always rely on MEDUMAT Transport and thus on the most modern transport ventilation available.

Bluetooth wirelessly transmits ventilation success

MEDUMAT Transport combines state-of-the-art ventilation modes from intensive care ventilation with the simplicity and ruggedness of pre-hospital emergency medicine. You always have the best solution for a range of ventilation needs, from the scene of an emergency to the hospital and for intra-hospital transfers and inter-hospital transport. With the optional Bluetooth function, you can simply and wirelessly transmit ventilation parameters, changes to settings and trend data from MEDUMAT Transport to an external documentation system. This option makes sure that emergency medical services, hospitals or armies have fast access to all therapy data from every use.

Safe to use, easy to learn

Although MEDUMAT Transport offers an extensive selection of differentiated ventilation modes, users can always operate the ventilator safely. The innovative pre-settings for patient groups simplify ventilation therapy for the user. One-touch activation of the emergency mode guarantees safe usage even for those who do not routinely administer acute care ventilation.

The right ventilation for every situation

MEDUMAT Transport offers exceptional flexibility with its range of different pressure or volume-controlled ventilation modes. Our high-end ventilator also gives you complete monitoring in clearly presented graphics. Up to three monitoring curves can be displayed at the same time. Nighttime colors can be activated to keep data visible in all lighting conditions.

Perfect partners: MEDUMAT Transport and LIFE-BASE

The versatility of MEDUMAT Transport is enhanced perfectly by our portable system LIFE-BASE. You get a robust combination of ventilator and carrier that can easily be fastened to the patient's bed.

The right hose system for every situation

We offer a broad portfolio of patient hose systems to make sure that you can handle any situation. Simply choose a disposable or reusable system and the length you need. Almost all of our hoses are available in two- and three-meter variants. For safe and effective ventilation of children and toddlers, use our new reduced dead space patient hose system. We have reduced dead space by more than 55% in this system, which of course can be used for ventilation of adults too.

Clever battery management

You can simply and easily replace the removable battery in MEDUMAT Transport. Charging takes place via the interface on the portable system LIFE-BASE. MEDUMAT Transport is therefore ideal for use in emergency medical services on in hospital.

MEDUMAT Transport is available on the portable systems
Place MEDUMAT Transport on our MEDUcart stand for use in hospital.

Our Customer Service would be happy to help you with customized solutions.

Your benefits:

  • With the option of wireless transmission of patient data to your Electronic Medical
  • Record system
  • Transport ventilation on the level of intensive care ventilation
  • Info about effective ventilation and patient condition is available fast
  • Uninterrupted ventilation at change of oxygen supply
  • NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) is standard option for better patient outcome
  • Safely ventilate toddlers, children and adults with appropriate patient hose systems
  • Clear warnings when patient condition is critical
  • Great flexibility ensured by mobility options
  • Ideal power management with removable battery system
  • Highly economical, thanks to non-consumable oxygen sensor