Manual Suction Pump


Portable Suction Machines

Small, Hand or Foot-operated Suction Pump


In addition to our electrical suction pumps, we also offer a manual suction pump. The MANUVAC suction pump does not require an electrical power source. It can be operated easily and reliably using your hand, knee, or foot. Its manual operation means that the MANUVAC is maintenance-free, which means there are no follow-up costs.

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Top Facts

  • Can be operated by hand or foot

  • Two-stage suction tube to extract coarser particles

  • No reliance on an electrical power source

  • Fits in ULM CASE and RESCUE-PACK

  • Maintenance-free

  • Removable secretions container

  • A distance of almost 1 m is possible between the suction and pumping

MANUVAC suction pump in ULM CASE

Does Not Require an Electrical Power Source

The MANUVAC manual suction pump can be operated without a power supply. The rhythmic depression of the pedal creates a vacuum, which enables the suction. The two-stage suction tube means liquids such as blood, secretion, and mucus can be suctioned as well as viscous and solid pieces of food. 


MANUVAC has a portable secretions container, which can be placed up to approx. 95 cm away from the patient. The manual suction pump can be used both outdoors and indoors. As well as suctioning liquids, it can also be used to deflate vacuum mattresses. This makes it a particularly flexible device. 

Never Leave Without

To ensure that you can always suction liquids from a patient without any issues, the MANUVAC manual suction pump also fits in the ULM CASE and our RESCUE-PACK. The suction pump is included with the Pro and Light variants of the emergency case.