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Portable Suction Machines

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ACCUVAC Pro: The Suction Device for Emergency Medical Services

When suctioning the mouth and throat area of a patient or performing endotracheal suction, the ACCUVAC Pro portable suction device ensures that airways are cleared quickly. The high suction performance of the electrical suction pump and the simple operation of the device ensure the patient is treated effectively and quickly at the scene of an emergency.

The handy and compact suction device can be used inside and outside emergency service vehicles.

The four predefined suction levels on the ACCUVAC Pro suction device enable optimum adaptation of the suction power. Emergency medical services can use the ACCUVAC Pro portable suction device to clear the upper and lower airways of adults as well as children and infants. In addition to suctioning airways, the electrical suction pump can also be used to deflate vacuum splints and mattresses.

Even during longer periods of use, a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a long range supplies the suction device with power. The rechargeable battery can be changed without tools at any time by emergency medical service personnel.

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Maximum ease of use in an out-of-hospital environment:

  • Quickly where it needs to be: Select one of the 4 vacuum levels by pressing a button

  • Easy to operate: Clear control panel with LEDs to display the vacuum level reached

  • Extensive accessories to hand at once: The accessories required can be stored in the wipe-down accessories bag or protective bag

  • Easy to transport: Ergonomic carrying handle, shoulder strap, vehicle wall mounting to EN 1789 with charging interface

  • High performance: Easily-replaced lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a battery runtime of over 60 minutes, suction performance of approx. 34 l/min

  • Simple to prepare and reprocess: Automatic function check and components which are easy to remove and disinfect

  • ACCUVAC Pro can take a lot: Rugged housing made of impact-resistant materials



Extensive accessories, simple conversion

We supply numerous helpful accessories to ensure that you have to hand the material required for a particular session and are able to accommodate your ACCUVAC under ideal conditions:

  • Shoulder strap, protective bag with large compartment for accessories and accessories bag are really easy to attach.

  • ACCUVAC Pro fits in the same wall mounting as all the other devices in the ACCUVAC family. The 12 V connecting cable also allows the suction device to be charged in the wall mounting. 

  • Reusable or disposable operation: The choice is yours. The reusable/disposable canister system conversion sets even allow you to switch to the other system retrospectively - without the need for any tools.

  • Consumables: Disposable filters for the reusable system, suction bags, suction tubes and fingertip controls.

  • The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is available as a spare part and can likewise be changed without tools.

  • Options for mounting on standard hospital rails and poles.

  • It goes without saying that the power supply unit and charger for 100 to 240 VAC is also available from us as an accessory.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and accessories that cover every eventuality.  A key feature of WEINMANN accessories and consumables is their intuitive and simple handling. Find out more in our:

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Product Versions

Select your preferred ACCUVAC Pro combination – designed to meet your needs:

  • ACCUVAC Pro with disposable canister system (WM 11605)

  • ACCUVAC Pro with disposable canister system with accessories bag (WM 11645)

  • ACCUVAC Pro with reusable canister system* (WM 11600)

  • ACCUVAC Pro with reusable canister system* with accessories bag (WM 11640)

* Please note that the reusable canister system is equipped with a disposable bacteria filter.


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Technical Details

Dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 370 mm x 277 mm x 146 mm
Weight: Approx. 4.3 kg
Temperature (operating conditions): -5° C to + 50° C
Height above sea level (operating conditions): Up to 5 000 m
Degree of protection against:
- Ingress of solid foreign bodies
- Ingress of dust
- Ingress of water with harmful effect
Resistance to shock and vibration: EN 1789
EN 10079-1
Power supply: 12 to 15 V or 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz with external power supply unit
Battery runtime (typically): 60 min
Other functions: Automatic function check
Suction capacity at the device inlet: Approx. 34 l/min
Vacuum setting: Predefined levels
-0.1 bar
-0.2 bar
-0.5 bar
-0.8 bar
Classification as per EN ISO 10079-1: High vacuum/high flow
Canister system volume: 1 000 ml
Further standards used: EN 60601-1
EN 60601-1-11
EN 60601-1-12

NATO Stock Number


ACCUVAC Pro with disposable canister system and mains/charger unit for 100 V to 240 V, electric suction device (WM 11635)

Technical Service

ACCUVAC Pro does not require a prescribed Technical Safety Check or a specified maintenance interval. The rechargeable battery is also maintenance-free.
If a repair should be necessary, our Service page provides all the information you need - or contact our After-Sales Service directly. An initial analysis can be performed by remote diagnosis.


ACCUVAC Pro Training animation: How to use the suction device

ACCUVAC Pro: Handling

Easy to operate

Consistently Aimed at the Out-of-Hospital Environment

In developing ACCUVAC Pro, we deliberately took into account the requirements of users in an out-of-hospital environment. These were clearly: The device must be easy to operate, rugged, easy to transport and to clean. Finally, the suction device must perform at a high level and exhibit stamina.

We deliberately reduced the number of vacuum levels to four, as these cover any situation where the ACCUVAC is used. LEDs ensure that the suction device can be operated safely, even in the dark. The function check is part-automated, completed in less than one minute and gives the user visual and acoustic reports.

No tools are required to change the rechargeable battery, change the canister system or remove items before hygienic reprocessing. ACCUVAC Pro is ready for use at all times. The guide and holder for the suction tube ensure that the suction tube is always to hand, but is still accommodated securely. The notch at the top of the holder for the suction tube is for fixing the suction catheter temporarily in position during use so that it does not become contaminated. 

We have retained on the ACCUVAC Pro the feature for removing the device from the wall mounting with one hand - familiar from the ACCUVAC Rescue and Basic models.


With High Performance and Stamina

The impact-resistant material of the canister system, the holder for the suction tube and the base of the device renders the suction device insensitive to impacts from the side or from underneath. The compact shape prevents you getting caught on door frames or similar when carrying the device. Nothing is loose: The canister systems are designed so that the canisters are firmly located in their holder, with the result that nothing comes loose or rattles en route.

With a vacuum range to -0.8 bar and a suction performance of 34 l/min, ACCUVAC Pro has enough power for every application.

The broad operating range from -5 °C to +50 °C (transport/storage: -40 °C to +70 °C) and the long rechargeable battery runtime of 60 minutes take account of the requirements of emergency medical services, aid agencies and the military. The special feature: Most suction devices are not meant to be operated for too long without interruption, as they need to cool down for a while after a certain operating time. ACCUVAC Pro only needs a break after 60 minutes.

ACCUVAC Pro im Rettungsdienst

Easy to clean and disinfect

Did you put the suction device down in the mud during an outdoor session? No need to worry. Almost all the parts of ACCUVAC Pro can be removed, cleaned and disinfected without the need for any tools. This applies to:

  • The base of the device

  • The holder for the suction tube

  • The holder for the canister system (reusable and disposable)

  • Canister systems (reusable and disposable)

Intuitive Operation Ensures Safety

Release for Wall Mounting

Single-handed release with press of button

Holder for Suction Tube

For ideal storage

Four Pre-defined Suction Levels

Backlit quick push-button selection, visible in poor lighting conditions

Automatic Function Check

With quick visual and acoustic feedback

Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-ion battery with long service life and rapid charging

Canister Holder

iImpact-resistant materials increase safety for the canister systems

Secretions Canister Serres®, 1000 ml

With disposable suction bag, integrated bacteria filter and solidifying agents. When the bag is full, ACCUVAC Pro stops automatically

Battery Compartment Cover

Can be opened without tools for fast and easy access to battery

Device Base with Tube Guide