Medical Suction Device for Clearing the Airway


Portable Suction Machines

Electric Suction Device with Infinitely Variable Vacuum Regulator


ACCUVAC Lite gives you similar benefits to ACCUVAC Pro in operation. The rugged housing and intelligent accommodation of the secretion canister and suction tube are identical, as are the ergonomic carrying handle and the practical accessories like the protective bag and the accessories bag.

The ACCUVAC Lite suction device supports emergency medical services not just by clearing airways; it can also be used to evacuate vacuum splints and vacuum mattresses. The ACCUVAC Lite suction device thus perfectly equips emergency medical services for any emergency.

On ACCUVAC Lite, the setting for the required vacuum is made via an infinitely variable large regulator dial. This allows the vacuum to be adjusted within very fine margins. The vacuum can be read off a pressure gauge.


Top Facts

  • Compact, rugged, tilt-resistant and easy to carry

  • Vacuum can be set with Infinite variety, can be read off on pressure gauge

  • For treating children and adults

  • Easy to clean and disinfect

  • Rechargeable battery pack is simple to replace and requires no tools

  • Can be operated as a disposable or reusable system

  • Protective bag, accessories, shoulder strap available as accessories

  • Compatible with ACCUVAC wall mounting


Accessories such as the protective bag, accessories bag, shoulder strap, wall mounting, power supply unit and charger, reusable system, disposable system, suction tubes and bacteria filters can be found in our

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Product Versions

Select your preferred ACCUVAC Lite combination – designed to meet your needs:

  • ACCUVAC Lite with disposable canister system (WM 11705)

  • ACCUVAC Lite with disposable canister system with accessories bag (WM 11745)

  • ACCUVAC Lite with reusable canister system* (WM 11700)

  • ACCUVAC Lite with reusable canister system* with accessories bag (WM 11740)

* Please note that the reusable canister system is equipped with a disposable bacteria filter.


Are you looking for more information?

Click here for further product information, brochures, images, videos, PC simulations, instructions for use and EC Declarations of Conformity on Medical Devices:


Technical Details

Dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 370 mm x 277 mm x 146 mm
Weight: Approx. 5.25 kg
Temperature (operating conditions): -5° C to + 50° C
Height above sea level (operating conditions): Up to 5 000 m
Degree of protection against:
- Ingress of solid foreign bodies
- Ingress of dust
- Ingress of water with harmful effect
Resistance to shock and vibration: EN 1789
EN 10079-1
Power supply: 12 to 15 V or 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz with external power supply unit
Battery runtime (typically): 40 min
Suction capacity at the device inlet: Approx. 26 l/min
Vacuum setting: Infinitely adjustable vacuum regulator
-0.1 bar to -0.8 bar
Classification as per EN ISO 10079-1: High vacuum/high flow
Canister system volume: 1 000 ml
Further standards used: EN 60601-1
EN 60601-1-11
EN 60601-1-12

Technical Service

Numerous spare parts for the device (e.g. rechargeable battery pack) and the reusable and disposable systems can be obtained from Customer Service. You will find more information about spare parts and accessories available in your price list in the Login area, in the product brochure and in the Instructions for Use.

There is neither a prescribed Technical Safety Check nor a maintenance interval specified by the manufacturer. The rechargeable battery is also maintenance-free and does not require calibrating. It can be changed from the outside without a tool (it is not screwed on to the device). You can even switch from the disposable system to the reusable system yourself without the need for any tools. 


ACCUVAC Lite Training Animation: How to use the suction device

ACCUVAC Lite with disposable canister system

Great Flexibility

Compatible with Reusable and Disposable System as well as ACCUVAC Wall mountings

ACCUVAC Lite can be operated as a disposable or reusable system; the conversion is straightforward and requires no tools.

ACCUVAC Pro and Lite fit into the same wall mounting used for the earlier devices, ACCUVAC Rescue and Basic. This makes it unnecessary to change the wall mounting if you change to a different ACCUVAC device.

Replacement of the rechargeable battery is likewise user-friendly and possible without tools.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Made Easy

Thorough hygienic reprocessing protects both patients and users, so we have made cleaning and disinfecting the ACCUVAC Lite and Pro particularly straightforward: The base of the device, the holder for the suction tube and the holder for the secretion canister can all be removed without tools for hygienic reprocessing.

The parts of the reusable canister are likewise easily removed and can also be disinfected by immersion. 

Suction Pump ACCUVAC Lite

Intuitive Operation Ensures Safety

Release for Wall Mounting

Single-handed release with press of button

Holder for Suction Tube

For ideal storage

Vacuum Display

Pressure gauge displays currently set negative pressure

Vacuum Regulator

Easy-to-use, infinitely adjustable vacuum setting

Rechargeable Battery

Lead battery with rapid charging up to 80%

Canister Holder

iImpact-resistant materials increase safety for the canister systems

Reusable Secretions Canister, 1000 ml

With overflow protection and disposable bacteria filter

Battery Compartment Cover

Can be opened without tools for fast and easy access to battery

Device Base with Tube Guide