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Portable, Multi-use Oxygen System

Oxygen equipment for mass casualty incidents

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Mobile Oxygen Supply

O2 Box Rescue and Rescue Compact

In the event of a mass casualty incident (MCI), a large quantity of oxygen needs to be supplied to patients quickly. Several people often need to be treated at the same time. In a case such as this, you can treat up to four patients at once using our transportable oxygen systems. Designed for the most challenging conditions, the O2 boxes can be used to ensure an adequate mobile oxygen supply in the event of an MCI.

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Top Facts

  • Oxygen supply of 2,000 liters

  • Supply up to four patients at once

  • Secure transport of oxygen cylinders in a sturdy aluminum box

  • Stackable and easy to transport

  • Foam bedding that can be disinfected

  • Simple and fast cylinder change


  • Nasal cannulas and inhalation masks
  • Bubble humidifiers
  • Connection nozzles
  • Adapters
  • Pressure hoses
  • Quick-release couplings

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Country-specific Connections

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Technical Details

Technical Data OXYWAY Fix OXYWAY Fast OXYWAY Fine
Dimensions: 63 mm x 64 mm x 71 mm 63 mm x 64 mm x 108 mm 115 mm x 96 mm x 99 mm
Weight: Approx. 500 g Approx. 610 g Approx. 730 g
Temperature (operating conditions): -20° C to + 60° C -20° C to + 60° C -20° C to + 60° C
Height above sea level (operating conditions): Up to 5 000 m Up to 5 000 m Up to 5 000 m
Resistance to shock and vibration: EN ISO 10524-1
EN 1789
EN ISO 10524-1
EN 1789
EN ISO 10524-1
EN 1789
Inlet pressure p1: 200 to 10 bar 200 to 10 bar 200 to 10 bar
Outlet pressure (operating pressure)/outlet flow: 4.5 bar
190 l/min
Fixed 4 l/min
4.5 bar
190 l/min
0 to 15 l/min
0.5 to 6.2 bar
3 to 15 l/min

NATO Stock Numbers

OXYWAY Fast I, G 3/4, oxygen pressure reducer WM 30801 680-12-383-0781
OXYWAY Fast II, W21.8/21.7, oxygen pressure reducer WM 30844 6680-12-383-1172
OXYWAY Fast II High Flow, G 3/4, oxygen pressure reducer WM 31891 6680-12-383-2243
OXYWAY Fix III, G 3/4, oxygen pressure reducer WM 30421 6680-12-372-2442

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O₂ Box Rescue

O2 Box Rescue

Portable, Multi-use Oxygen System

In the event of an MCI, emergency personnel need extremely durable medical equipment that is always ready to use and easy to operate. Our mobile oxygen supply O2 Box Rescue meets these precise requirements. In the event of a mass casualty incident, up to four patients can be supplied with oxygen at the same time. A ventilator can also be connected.

O2 Box Rescue provides a total oxygen supply of 2 000 liters. It is also possible to connect the oxygen administrator to the central gas supply system. It is easy to change the cylinder during use thanks to the Walther quick-release coupling on the pressure hose and pressure reducer. This means you always have a reliable supply.

O2 Box Rescue Compact

Compact Mobile Oxygen System

Do you need a mobile oxygen supply for extremely challenging environmental conditions? Our O2 Box Rescue Compact is the perfect solution. More compact than the O2 Box Rescue, the mobile oxygen supply includes a removable oxygen administrator and a special foam padding. The O2 Box Rescue Compact provides you with the right equipment when you need an even more stable oxygen supply at an MCI.

O₂ Box Rescue compact for mass casuality incident