Low Pressure Tubes and Adaptors


Pressure tubes and gas sampling connectors for oxygen

Oxygen Supply

Ready-to-connect Pressure Tubes

Tailored to your needs

We provide a wide range of pre-assembled pressure tubes to connect the oxygen source to the device requiring the oxygen supply.

The tubes are ideal for medical applications as they are made from medical, DEHP-free PVC. You can select a product from our wide range of standard pressure tubes.

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  • Nasal cannulas and inhalation masks
  • Bubble humidifiers
  • Adapters
  • Low Pressure hoses (LPH)
  • Quick-release couplings

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Technical Details

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Available Connectors

Type Thread Straight or Angled Reference
Union nut G3/8” Angled WM 22319
Union nut G3/8” Straight WM 1470
Union nut 9/16" Angled WM 29140
Walther connector Type Walther Angled WM 3799
Walther connector Type Walther Straight WM 4364
Walther coupling Type Walther Straight WM 4364
DIN connector Type DIN 13260 Angled WM 2057
AFNOR connector Type AFNOR Angled WM 22252
DIN connector Type AFNOR Straight WM 22296
AGA connector Type AGA Angled WM 22345
SIS connector Type SIS Angled WM 22929
DISS screw connector Type DISS Straight WM 20323
BS connector Type BS 5682 Straight WM 28627
UNI connector Type UNI 9507 Angled WM 2063
Chemetron connector Type Chemetron Straight WM 20710
Carbamed connector Type Carbamed Angled WM 2062
Ohmeda connector Type Ohmeda Straight WM 29131
Rectus 21 connector Type Rectus 21 Straight WM 29151
Puritan Bennett connector Type Puritan Bennett Straight WM 20720

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