Bag-Valve Masks

Optimized Manual Ventilation

COMBIBAG bag-valve mask and silicone bag-valve mask

WEINMANN offers two different bag-valve masks:  COMBIBAG and silicone bag-valve masks. 
With COMBIBAG, you can quickly adapt the tidal volume for ventilation to the relevant patient group (children/adult) by simply rotating the bag. This means you only need one bag for all your patients, which saves space and money.

The silicone bag-valve mask comes in three sizes. They are simple to operate and easy to clean, disinfect, and sterilize.

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Top Facts

  • COMBIBAG: 2-in-1 bag-valve mask for different patient groups

  • COMBIBAG: Safety valve with 2 pressure levels for mask and tube ventilation

  • COMBIBAG: Easy to clean and disinfect

  • Silicone bag-valve mask: Very easy to operate

  • Silicone bag-valve mask: Easy to clean, disinfect, and sterilize

  • Silicone bag-valve mask: Available in three sizes 

  • Silicone bag-valve mask: Reservoir bags and the appropriate masks are included as standard


We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and accessories that cover every eventuality. 

A key feature of WEINMANN accessories and consumables is their intuitive and simple handling.

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Product Versions


  • COMBIBAG bag-valve mask without ventilation masks

  • COMBIBAG bag-valve mask with ventilation mask size 5

Silicone bag-valve mask: 

  • Size 1: For babies/small children up to 10 kg: Silicone bag-valve mask for babies and small children, 240 ml
  • Size 2: For children up to 40 kg: Silicone bag-valve mask for children, 500 ml
  • Size 3: For adults from 40 kg

The OXYMAND demand valve oxygen-saving system can be connected to the connection port of any bag-valve mask.


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Silicone Resuscitator: Downloads

NATO Stock Number


COMBIBAG bag-valve mask with ventilation mask No. 5 (WM 11020)


Silicone bag-valve mask for adults, 1,600 ml (WM 11103)

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