Silicone Resuscitators

Clear Ventilation – Increased Safety for Your Patients



The rotating patient connection lends the bag-valve-mask greater flexibility and its structured surface gives the user a good grip. Because it is available in three different sizes, you‘ll always have the right silicone resuscitator ready to treat adults, children and babies. You also have the choice from a range of accessories, such as a demand valve or an oxygen reservoir for additional oxygenation.


Thanks to the transparent mask, you can always keep an eye on your patient. If the patient vomits, for example, you can see the problem immediately and react without delay.


In the transparent bellows and mask it‘s easier for you to see traces of contamination. That makes hygienic conditioning before the next use easier too.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Safety assured by integrated pressure limit valve
  • Simple hygienic conditioning: completely autoclavable
  • Transparent: for effective patient monitoring and fast detection of contamination
  • Several connection options, such as to oxygen reservoir or demand valve
  • Latex-free: all components are of silicone or other latex-free materials
  • Always fits: the silicone bag-valve-mask is avaiable in three different sizes
  • Rugged construction: suitable for the toughest operating conditions