Special Emergency Cases

For specific fields of use

Special Cases, emergency cases

Emergency Cases

Special Cases for Specific Fields of Use

Special Cases

As well as our ULM CASE emergency cases, we also have special cases for particular requirements.

The handy special cases offer you versatile options for specific uses. Like the ULM CASE, the special cases also offer flexible inner compartments that can be adjusted to your needs.

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Top Facts

  • Robust and durable aluminum case

  • Adjustable compartments thanks to SpaceChips and special inserts

  • Customizable ampoule strips

  • Secure transport with tension belts and wall mounting

  • Practical transport of materials to the emergency site


We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and accessories that cover every eventuality. 

A key feature of WEINMANN accessories and consumables is their intuitive and simple handling.

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Technical Details

External dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 428 x 332 x 185 428 x 332 x 185 526 x 400 x 170
Weight (empty): 4.5 kg 4.3 kg 7 kg
Volume in liters: approx. 17 approx. 17 approx. 25
Ampule spaces: 21 7 to 28 (as an accessory) 48
Maximum number of ampule spaces including optional ampule spaces: 56 33 55

Technical Service

After your purchase we take care of your devices.

With repairs, maintenance, safety checks (STK) and electrical safety checks, we offer you a complete service for your device:


ULM Case small


Special Case for a Specific Field of Use

ULM CASE Small is a particularly manageable size and is perfect for use as a baby emergency case (emergency equipment in accordance with DIN 13232, Part C, Children) or as a dressing case. This aluminum case has fixed compartments and holders to store all recommended emergency products. 

ULM CASE Small can be purchased as an ULM CASE Basic Equipment, ULM CASE Baby, and ULM CASE Dressing version.


Handy Case with Individual Compartment Configuration

PARAMEDIC BOX is particularly well-suited as an emergency case for medical practices, companies, or public buildings. The equipment variants of PARAMEDIC BOX include a suction pump and the COMBIBAG bag-valve mask. Thanks to the adjustable inner separators, compartments can be flexibly configured.

ULM CASE II, emergency case
Special Case ULM Case Circulation

ULM CASE Circulation

Specially Designed for Circulatory Equipment

Do you need an emergency case with a lot of space? ULM CASE Circulation offers the largest amount of space thanks to its swiveling insert and has the same depth as the ULM CASE I. The swiveling and removable insert gives you a high level of flexibility when arranging your equipment.