Emergency case in use

Emergency Cases

Emergency Cases

These robust aluminum cases are available as ULM CASES or Special Cases, with or without various emergency equipment options.

Emergency Cases

For Organized and Safely Stored Emergency Equipment

The ULM CASE, available in three different sizes optimized for transport compartments in ambulances, was developed more than 40 years ago with the emergency center at the German National Military Hospital and the Center of Anesthesiology at the University of ULM.

The special cases ULM CASE Basic Equipment, Baby, and Dressing, as well as the PARAMEDIC BOX, all meet the same requirements and offer storage options in smaller, lighter, and therefore more manageable cases. The ULM CASE Circulation is the same size as the ULM CASE I and provides enough space for circulation equipment thanks to its swiveling insert.

All of our emergency cases can also be provided fully equipped. You can choose between the basic equipment needed to provide pre-hospital care for emergency patients at the emergency site or the “Light” emergency equipment depending on the intended use and space available. We also offer bespoke equipment for our special cases.

Accessories for Emergency Cases

WEINMANN also provides wall mountings for the emergency cases for vehicles and buildings, as well as the important accessories, all spare parts, and various equipment sets. Oxygen cylinders, pressure reducers, and other medical devices are also part of our product range.

  • Wall mountings for vehicles (tested in accordance with EN 1789 Medical vehicles and their equipment)
  • SpaceChip interior separators for the cases in various sizes
  • Ampoule strips and ampoule trays in various sizes
  • Oxygen cylinders with pressure reducers and fastening straps
  • MANUVAC manual suction pump
  • COMBIBAG bag-valve mask or silicone bag-valve mask
  • Label with standardized symbols and inscriptions
  • Ventilation masks
  • Consumables sets
  • Sets of small medical devices