Emergency backpack in an emergency response

Emergency Backpacks

Emergency Backpacks

The RESCUE-PACK emergency backpacks mean you can keep your hands free on your way to an emergency.

Emergency Backpacks

The Emergency Equipment You Need

To Respond to Emergencies

The RESCUE-PACK emergency backpacks are light and extremely robust. They combine the advantages of the ULM CASE with those of a backpack: The emergency equipment is well organized and stored neatly and you can keep your hands free on your way to the scene.

The emergency backpacks are available in three versions: RESCUE-PACK I, RESCUE-PACK and RESCUE-PACK Plus. Decide which one you need.

The emergency backpack is splash-proof and made from a high-quality and robust material. This makes it particularly resistant. The stripes are reflective, thus highly visible, which makes the backpack easy to see in low light and this in turn protects the wearer.
The intelligent organizer system with optional accessories bags means you can take the emergency equipment with you that you need. 

The emergency backpacks can also be provided fully equipped. You can choose between the basic equipment needed to provide pre-hospital care for emergency patients at the emergency site or the Light emergency equipment depending on the intended use and space available. 

Equipment according to DIN 13232, parts A + C, in emergency backpack RESCUE-PACK I

Standard-compliant Emergency Backpacks

The German Standard for Emergency Equipment

The RESCUE-PACK emergency backpacks have been developed for use by the emergency medical services. They therefore meet the strict requirements set out in DIN 13232 “Emergency equipment”. This standard not only determines the contents required for various emergency equipment sets, but also defines safety requirements for the containers and the materials used.

The container, for example, needs to be dust-tight, splash-proof, temperature-resistant, and resistant to fuels. The emergency backpacks don’t just meet the requirements of DIN 13232. RESCUE-PACK and RESCUE-PACK I also comply with EN 1789 and DIN 13155 was also applied for RESCUE-PACK I.

Accessories for Emergency Backpacks

Of course, we also provide all the associated equipment for the WEINMANN emergency backpacks. As well as an extensive range of accessories, we also offer complete equipment sets and accessories for the equipment.

  • Laryngoscope pocket
  • Ampoule trays
  • Accessories bags in various sizes
  • MANUVAC manual suction pump
  • COMBIBAG bag-valve mask or silicone bag-valve mask
  • Ventilation masks
  • Consumables sets
  • Sets for small medical devices
  • Sets of consumables in accordance with DIN 13232: Basis (A), adults (B), children (C)