The most important parameters in focus

Curve view


In the curve view, you can view and assess the ECG curves and plethysmogram. 6 Einthoven and Goldberger ECG curves are shown and their displayed amplitude and feed rate can be adjusted. A basic ECG can be derived from this, which assists you with diagnostics.

Moreover, the small parameter fields provide a quick overview of the vital parameters of heart rate, oxygen saturation, pulse rate and blood pressure.

Parameter view


The parameter view displays the measurements for heart rate, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure in large figures. This is ideal if you wish to read the display from longer distances. This means that during transportation in particular, you can remain seated in the vehicle and still have a good view of all the important measurements.

The night view's high-resolution display means enhanced safety for you

Both the curve and parameter views can be displayed in night view mode. Disruptive glare effects are minimized by inverted colors and the patient parameters can be read under challenging visual conditions and even in complete darkness.

Curve night view


Parameter night view