Simplified device management

Always retain an overview

WEINMANN Connect is a cloud-based platform to connect MEDUCORE Standard² digitally. Transmit the results of the function checks straight from the MEDUCORE Standard² to document them in WEINMANN Connect, providing you with an overview of the functional readiness of your devices and other functions on the MEDUCORE Standard².

Add on optional device functions, such as e-mailing the recorded 12-lead ECG, for WEINMANN Connect and MEDUCORE Standard². That way you can obtain a second medical opinion or document the session data from your devices.


Scribble Video: How WEINMANN Connect works

Your Benefits at a Glance


Document results of function checks in WEINMANN Connect

Direct transmission of service data in the event of servicing

Overview of functional readiness of the MEDUCORE Standard²

Document device session data in WEINMANN Connect and use the data for the debriefing (optional)

Display of the 12-lead ECG

Always maintain an overview of the current device status

How WEINMANN Connect works

With a single push of a button and a Wi-Fi connection, you can upload and archive data to WEINMANN Connect after your incident any time, any place.


Options at a glance


12-lead ECG delivery (available as an option)

Allows the 12-lead ECG to be e-mailed from MEDUCORE Standard².

Upload session data (available as an option)

Upload device session data to the WEINMANN Connect web portal from MEDUCORE Standard².


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