Data Management

Simply record more quickly

MEDICALPAD covers the entire process chain from issuing an alert, entering incident and patient data, recording logistical vehicle and billing data, and recording every treatment step with sustainable plausibility checks.


MEDICALPAD has been part of WEINMANN Emergency since October 2020. We work in close contact with decision-makers and users to develop customized system solutions.

Our customers generate over 15,000 reports a day and in doing so, benefit from our many years’ experience and agile development methods. Our aim is for our technology to accelerate and improve patient care. We underpin our high quality standards also with this product area by certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

MEDICALPAD is the right decision if the intention is to optimize day-to-day procedures in emergency services – from the alerts sent from the dispatch center to handover at the hospital with full patient information through to subsequent billing of call-outs. Our solutions leave EMS providers with more time for what really matters: The patient.