Data Management

Reliable solutions for your digital processes

The digital transformation is crucially important in the EMS segment. On the one hand, digital technologies help save people’s lives. On the other, they help document incident data more efficiently and improve quality. So you can continue to concentrate fully on your patients, we have developed solutions that help you manage your data.

Manage efficiently and simply

Whether you’re interested in data transmission or analyzing session data: We integrate WEINMANN Emergency devices and data management solutions optimally into your digital processes and tailor these solutions to your needs. Throughout development we liaise closely with users from the emergency medical services. A number of our employees also have practical experience in emergency care. So we can ensure that our solutions meet the specific demands of emergency medicine.

The benefits of digital data management are patently clear:

Improved communication

Fewer sources of error

Optimized clinical and administrative processes

Better quality management

Accelerated service processes

Use our professional project management

Trusting cooperation, a dependable partner, and expert knowledge are the key to the straightforward rollout of digital solutions into your processes. Our certified project managers will be with you from day one of the rollout to well after successful project conclusion. With experience from over 50 successfully implemented customer projects, we understand your business and the daily challenges. At the same time, we will tailor and structure the project to your needs. Take advantage of our professional project management to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Data security and data privacy

We take the protection of your personal data and the data of your patients seriously. Besides protecting the security of users and patients, data privacy and data security are some of the basic security measures we adopt during the development of our medical devices. To protect your data, we adopt technical and organizational measures, such as

  • Legal certainty through audited order processing contracts
  • Server hosting compliant with privacy requirements
  • External auditing as per ISO 13485

We also gear everything we do to the protection objectives of IT security and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. And here we adopt a range of measures, including:

  • ISO 27001-certified data centers
  • End-to-end encryption using the latest HTTPS/TLS standards
  • Use of secure cryptographic hash functions to ensure the validity of transmitted data
  • Authenticity check using client and server certificates
  • Penetration tests through independent experts (white hats)


Check out our Privacy policy and information on data processing for further information.

Are you interested in digital data management?

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