WEINMANN Emergency Taking Over Tech2go

10-01-2020 | Press Release


On October 1, 2020, medical technology company WEINMANN Emergency is taking over the staff and the MEDICALPAD product from Tech2go Mobile Systems GmbH. This step will allow the Hamburg-based family-owned company to expand its digital services offering in addition to its existing ventilation and monitoring/defibrillation business.

“The employees, expertise and products of Tech2go will boost our competence in the provision of digital services - and not just for the monitoring/defibrillation product line,” reports André Schulte, CEO of WEINMANN Emergency. The ever-expanding field of telemedicine is becoming more and more important, now covering even the emergency services. As a provider of devices for emergency medicine, WEINMANN Emergency can make use of the product rage of the MEDICALPAD not only to focus on networking, data management and telemedicine, but also to further expand incident data management and device management applications.

MEDICALPAD has been recording patient transport, rescue service and emergency physician incident reports in digital form for 20 years. Tech2go and WEINMANN Emergency have been collaborating for some time now on the development of an online portal for the transmission of device data relating to the incident. As the Hamburg-based company is undergoing a period of rapid growth, the recently-acquired Tech2go staff and their new colleagues from Monitoring/Defibrillation will move into newly-rented office space. This new team will collaborate on the continuing development of digital incident data management and device management applications for WEINMANN Emergency.

Press Release
Taking Over Tech2go