Webinar: Mechanical ventilation during resuscitation

01-13-2021 | News

Webinar: Mechanical ventilation during resuscitation

In the case of cardiac arrest, every minute counts – life-sustaining measures such as chest compressions must take place as quickly as possible.

The essential effect of chest compressions is the intrathoracic pressure increase, which leads to maintenance or restoration of blood circulation. At the same time, oxygen escapes from the lungs, which inhibits the effect of pressure buildup and thus reduces cardiac output. A new form of mechanical ventilation can show measurable advantages in this case: With the aid of the CCSV (Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation), no more gas volume escapes due to the ventilation stroke delivered synchronously with the chest compressions. Arterial blood pressure increases and oxygenation and decarboxylation improve.

We invite you:
You can find out exactly how the CCSV ventilation mode can improve patient care during resuscitation in our webinar on January 28, 2021. Our speaker Prof. Dr. Clemens Kill, Director of the Center for Emergency Medicine at the University Medical Center Essen, explains the special conditions of mechanical ventilation during resuscitation. He demonstrates how the new ventilation mode CCSV works and explains the advantages for user and patient during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

What to expect:
You will get a science-based insight into mechanical ventilation during resuscitation.
You will see the first data from scientific studies in ventilation with CCSV.
You will learn how CCSV works with our MEDUMAT Standard² ventilator.

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Date: January 28, 2021, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Medium: Zoom
Language: German
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