MEDUVENT Standard works without oxygen thanks to its turbine drive

01-14-2020 | Press Release

(Hamburg) – WEINMANN Emergency launches MEDUVENT Standard, one of the smallest turbine-driven ventilators in the world. The device features innovative turbine technology that maintains ventilation even without an external oxygen supply. MEDUVENT Standard also boasts a flexible oxygen supply. 

Long distances and transport times are a major logistical challenge in emergency responses – especially in remote regions or in the case of air rescue service. In addition to the battery runtime of medical devices, a limited oxygen supply presents the greatest challenge for first responders. The MEDUVENT Standard ventilator works without oxygen and can ventilate a patient completely without an external gas supply thanks to the innovative turbine technology. The manual mode is a new ergonomic and effective form of manual ventilation. Here, tidal volumes are defined by the MEDUtrigger and applied in combination with a pressure limit. This application reduces the risk of hyperventilation as well as gastric insufflation compared to bag mask ventilation. Additional oxygen can be supplied to the patient at any time. The concentration can be adjusted flexibly from 21 to 100 percent. Thanks to the smart utilization of existing tank volumes, the lightweight, 2-kg device does not consume any oxygen for its own operation. Oxygen is supplied through a simple inhalation tube – thus ensuring worldwide compatibility and the patient’s oxygen supply.

Intuitive to operate and safe to use

MEDUVENT Standard offers a quick and safe way to start ventilation by providing the option of selecting an emergency mode or entering the patient’s height. Operation is amazingly uncomplicated and easy – allowing the user to switch between patient groups (adult, child, or infant) with only a few steps. In addition to the manual ventilation mode that allows the use of MEDUVENT Standard instead of a bag-valve mask, the IPPV (Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation) mode frequently used in emergency medical services can also be employed. Non-invasive spontaneous breathing support can be applied quickly, easily, and on-the-spot using the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) mode. If the patient is to be ventilated synchronously with his or her spontaneous breathing efforts, the optionally available SIMV or S-IPPV mode is used. With an average battery runtime of 8 hours on battery power, MEDUVENT Standard is especially suitable for use in air rescue service or in disaster areas. 

MEDUVENT Standard features a standard, easy-to-replace hygiene filter to protect patients, staff, and the device from contamination by viruses or bacteria. 


Individual portability concept

Suitable for any required application, MEDUVENT Standard is compatible with different crash-tested portable units. The LIFE-BASE portable unit combines MEDUVENT Standard with the defibrillators of the MEDUCORE series. This allows defibrillation, monitoring, oxygen therapy, and ventilation to be combined. With the LIFE-BASE unit, the devices can be carried easily in one hand. Whether in daily rescue operations in the civilian environment or in the military medical corps – WEINMANN Emergency offers the ideal solution for many applications.

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