MEDUCORE Standard2 reaches the next level

06-07-2021 | Press Release

MEDUCORE Standard² reaches the next level

In May, WEINMANN Emergency launched the software update for the MEDUCORE Standard2 monitor/defibrillator. This update instantly makes MEDUCORE Standard2 even more suitable for use in emergency medical care, and new features such as the “e-mail ECG” function or wireless printing make the emergency routine even easier for users. In recent years, MEDUCORE Standard2 has become established as a unit for first responders and patient transport operations. The new software update means that this WEINMANN device now achieves Advanced Life Support Level in resuscitation.

Concentrate on the essentials in an emergency

Rapid emergency diagnosis is absolutely key in emergency scenarios. MEDUCORE Standard2 provides all the functions necessary for extended emergency medical care, yet the device is still lightweight, compact and especially rugged. In addition to patient monitoring by 6-lead ECG, it is now also possible to perform an extended ECG with a 12-lead ECG for diagnosis. SpO2 measurement allows both pulse rate and oxygen saturation to be monitored, whilst automatic NIBP measurement enables a patient’s blood pressure to be measured quickly and easily.

“It’s so simple” is one of the most frequent comments we hear from users, so for the MEDUCORE Standard2, we looked to the tried and tested operation of WEINMANN ventilators which is both intuitive and safe. Patient care can be started quickly using predefined patient groups, with the color-coded fields for parameters and curves ensuring simple, clear assignment for safe patient monitoring.

E-mail an ECG with just a few clicks

The 12-lead ECG can be printed out and analyzed. The wireless printer is attached to the transport bag; it is child’s play to remove it and create space in awkward emergency sessions. If you prefer a paper less ECG, you can have all 12 ECG leads shown in the display and analyzed directly - either immediately or later: The 12-lead ECG can be loaded from the internal memory at any time.

With MEDUCORE Standard², the 12-lead ECG* can be sent to the hospital. The diagnosis made by the emergency medical services can be confirmed there and the patient taken straight to the cardiac catheter laboratory without a new 12-lead ECG having to be performed on admission. It takes just a few clicks to e-mail an ECG.

“Our focus was to simplify working steps”

The 12-lead ECG function for MEDUCORE Standard2 was launched by WEINMANN Emergency in May 2021. “In developing MEDUCORE Standard2, it was especially important to us to support emergency staff in their treatment processes and to make their work as simple as possible. Intuitive operation was the focus here. Sending an e-mail from the device saves valuable time. We want to make room for the key task for paramedics: Caring for their patient,” reports Tobias Kalwa (Head of Product Management, Monitoring/Defibrillation).

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