A Helping Hand in the Nick of Time: Our Service Technician Kevin

03-17-2021 | Blog article

Repairs and maintenance work, technical safety checks (STK), electrical safety checks – service technicians at WEINMANN Emergency are always in action. One of them is 40-year-old Kevin Noa.
Since he has always had an interest in electrical engineering, it quickly became clear to him that he would pursue an education in this field. After a spell working for the German Armed Forces, he spent eight years employed at a small medical technology company – until he finally became a member of the WEINMANN Emergency team. He has already been working in the Sales & Services team here for 10 years. “The first time I applied, it didn’t work out. But I didn’t give up and I submitted another application two years later. This time with success!” recounts Kevin. He spent the first four months being trained at the Center for Production, Logistics and Service, followed by four years working on behalf of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia – until he eventually decided to relocate to Erfurt. Since 2015, he spends a third of his time working from home there but is mostly on the road as part of the field sales team, providing an on-site service for his customers.

Mobile service, customer support, fault diagnosis – it’s never boring

He always travels in one of WEINMANN Emergency’s ten service vehicles. “That makes the work particularly fun,” finds Kevin. Not least because the van contains a laboratory that service technicians can use to carry out all necessary tasks, including maintenance, repairs and servicing. This minimizes the administrative work as well as device downtimes. Besides working in the service vehicle, Kevin especially enjoys providing customer support. “I’m responsible for every aspect of customer support. It begins with the initial contact by telephone and ends with the handover of the final inspection reports,” explains Kevin. As he is in contact with a large number of different customers, he continually encounters a variety of characters. “It’s never boring!” Kevin declares emphatically. “That is also partly because of WEINMANN Emergency’s wide-ranging product portfolio,” he adds. Since the engineers are continually developing new products, he has to keep educating himself as a service technician and is always learning something new. Another highlight for Kevin is fault diagnosis: “It’s simply a good feeling when I am able to find the problem and solve it. It gives you a real sense of achievement.”

Discovering Germany’s most beautiful parts by road bike

When Kevin thinks back to his deployments, he recalls happy memories of his time providing service support for the Austrian Red Cross (ÖRK) in 2015. Working with pleasant EMS field providers and cooperating with his colleagues was a lot of fun. Of course, the beautiful Austrian landscapes were also a welcome bonus. Some customer relationships even evolved into friendships in the meantime. “Cycling is my main hobby. Therefore I virtually always pack my road bike,” reveals Kevin. “I have many sporty customers who also like to cycle and enjoy going for a ride with me in the evening sometimes.” This is particularly pleasant whenever Kevin is on the road in Germany’s most beautiful parts, such as in the Taunus mountain range, for example. Then he jumps on his bike after a long day on duty and gears up for the next workday.