Ambulance Outfitters

Ambulance Outfitters

Ambulance Outfitters
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Ambulance Outfitters

Professional Ambulance Equipment

Our wide range of products, including ventilation, defibrillation, and monitoring devices, the associated portable units, and all the equipment needed for oxygen supply in the vehicle, enables you to provide perfect solutions for your customers, whatever their individual requirements. We supply precisely the ambulance equipment you need – perfectly coordinated with one another and in line with your customer’s needs.

Professional Medical Technology for Your Vehicle

Customize your ambulances – our system solutions can meet many different requirements. Our products are modular, which means they can be easily combined. MEDUMAT ventilators can be installed on our LIFE-BASE portable unit as stand-alone devices or together with a defibrillation and monitoring unit from the MEDUCORE series. The crash-proof, EN 1789-compliant BASE-STATION wall mounting means you can fix the portable unit to the wall together with your selected device combination. The mounts are equipped with charging interfaces that can be connected to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Oxygen cylinders can be added to the portable units and we also provide everything you need for a central gas supply system in the vehicle.

Our product range also includes suction devices, emergency cases, and backpacks. The tried-and-tested ULM CASE is available in different sizes, so you can choose the right case for the space available.

Perfectly Coordinated Ambulance Equipment

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