Air Rescue Service

Air Rescue Service

Air Rescue Service

An Overview of the Special Requirements

Do you work for the air rescue service? We have expertise in the particular challenges you face!

We understand that the equipment requirements for the air rescue service are very different from those for the ground emergency medical service. The team and equipment not only need to be able to deal with particularly critical situations, they also have to cope in confined spaces and with the special circumstances of aviation medicine. We took these circumstances into account when developing our air ambulance equipment in close cooperation with air rescue services. Our air ambulance equipment meets the requirements from the relevant standards regarding vibration, shock, and electromagnetic compatibility.

M. Taleb, St. John's Air Ambulance (Johanniter Luftrettung)

Emergency function: Press it and the MEDUMAT Transport immediately ventilates at the correct rate, in the correct mode and with the correct volume. That’s just sensational.

M. A. Taleb

St. John's Air Ambulance