MEDUCORE Standard² sistema de desfibrilación y monitorización

In AED mode, MEDUCORE Standard² guides you safely through resuscitation with voice prompts and a metronome. The optional mode for manual defibrillation offers trained rescue workers additional flexibility since shock energy and shock delivery can be controlled manually. Thanks to the integrated 6-lead ECG, all the ECG leads relevant for patient monitoring are available. You always have the peripheral pulse rate and oxygen saturation under control with the integrated SpO2 measurement. As MEDUCORE Standard² features an automatic NIBP measurement, the device is also able to monitor blood pressure – non-invasively and without you having to do a thing. This leaves you free to focus on what really matters! The professional alarm system with a wide range of setting options guarantees maximum safety for both the user and patient.

Folletos de producto y prospectos

Product brochure: MEDUCORE Standard²

Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand

Nº de artículo:WM 83670-DE


Product video: MEDUCORE Standard²

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How to use the monitor/defibrillator

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Instructions for use: MEDUCORE Standard²

Nº de artículo:WM 68201
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Instructions for use: DEFIview

Nº de artículo:WM 67400


EEC letter of conformity: MEDUCORE Standard²

Nº de artículo:WM 74530