Preventive Maintenance

Extend the Life of your Device and Ensure Your Patients' Safety

Every day, you and your colleagues rely on ventilators, defibrillators and other medical devices to save lives and keep your community safe and healthy. To ensure these devices are always ready for you and your patients, they require regular upkeep and maintenance. Would you trust an airline that does not inspect its aircraft regularly? Would you rely on your private car that has been driven for years without any kind of check by a mechanic?

You wouldn't put yourself at risk either of those situations – even with the most trustworthy airline or most reliable car – so don't compromise your patients' safety by not caring for the state-of-the-art medical devices they count on. Preventive maintenance provides an extra level of reliability, saving money and even lives.


Save Money by Investing in Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a low-cost investment in your device that will avoid the need to find significant funds for unscheduledand expensive repairs. In addition, regular maintenance reducesenvironmental and financial waste by delaying the need tocompletely replace a device.

Give Your Healthcare Professionals the Tools They Need to Save Lives

Investing in preventive maintenance offers more than financial benefits. It also ensures that your medical device works perfectly in critical situations - when your patients need it most. Imagine the consequences for your patients, your community and your organization when a device is used in an emergency, but does not work properly. Regular maintenance of the equipment you rely on is part of your responsibility to those you serve.



The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

There are many reasons to ensure regular preventive maintenance is performed on your WEINMANN Emergency medical devices. Invest in your operation's success and your patients' safety today.

Benefits you can see

• Keep your device up to date, as any necessary updates are performed during maintenance

• Prevent damage to connected systems and accessories

• Detect potential damage before it leads to more extensive damage and needs repairs

• Conduct safety inspections to ensure the performance of your device

Benefits you can feel

• Earn patients' trust in your operation

• Support your workforce by giving them confidence that their equipment is working properly

• Enhance your quality management system with measurements and data

• Get helpful advice from the engineer on using the device efficiently and effectively

• Avoid legal risks

Benefits you can calculate

• Avoid unplanned ambulance downtime

• Extend the life of your device

• Predict your costs

• Detect minor damage before it leads to cost-intensive repair

• Save money by preventing oxygen leaks

• Minimize time and costs by combining several planned services in one on-site visit.

• Protect your organization's assets