Small, Handy and Versatile Portable System for MEDUMAT Transport


LIFE-BASE 1 NG and LIFE-BASE light are the perfect portable systems
for all the different ways you can draw oxygen supplies for MEDUMAT Transport – from separate cylinders, bags or a central gas facility in a hospital.  

A compact and protected portable unit can be put together with the shoulder bag and strap (both available as accessories). The fold-out elements in the protective bag make it easy to reach the gas and power supplies, the rechargeable battery and patient hose system.

LIFE-BASE 1 NG can be securely installed in buildings, vehicles or aircraft with the help of the wall-mounted BASE-STATION mini II and BASE-STATION 1 NG. Installation sets for standard hospital rails and poles are available for use with the BASE-STATION 1 NG. The device can be attached securely to equipment (stretchers, hospital bed with horizontal arm, IV rack or pole, etc.) in hospital or emergency medical service for any patient transport situation. If you want a mobile ventilation unit for hospital use, simply place LIFE-BASE 1 NG, complete with ventilator, on our MEDUcart stand.

If required, the LIFE-BASE 1 NG can also be equipped with other MEDUMAT ventilators and Moduls.

Please consult our Customer Service.