MEDUMAT Transport

Using the PC Simulator

The PC simulator for MEDUMAT Transport is intended as a supplemental training tool for all users of MEDUMAT Transport. The presented curves and measurements reflect a realistic display on the device. The simulator can be used with the following operating systems:  Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 (Windows is a registered trademark Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries).

The operating philosophy of the simulator is the same as that for the device:

  • Select function: Click any function key or control knob.
  • Adjust setting: Click the left or right side of the displayed control knob or the arrow key in order to change a setting or to navigate the menus. 
  • Confirm selection: Click the middle of the navigation button or the ENTER key.

Please note: The PC simulator refers to an upcoming software version for MEDUAT Transport. For further information please contact your WEINMANN Emergency sales partner.

The most important operating steps are summarized below:

1. Start Simulator

  1. Start the .exe file.
  2. The simulator automatically starts (no lead time).
  3. If you wish to change the language see "3. Select language" below.

2. Activate Operator Menu

  1. To switch from the user's interface to the operator menu, place a checkmark next to "Operator Menu".
  2. The simulator automatically changes to the first page of the operator menu.
  3. Confirm once in order to make changes on the page.
  4. Under "Enter Operator Menu" enter the password 0000 by clicking the ENTER key four times.
  5. Confirm the password.

3. Select Language

  1. Activate the operator menu.
  2. Click the navigation button or the UP and DOWN keys to move to Page 6.
  3. Confirm once in order to make changes on the page.
  4. Confirm again and set the desired language under "Language" by clicking the navigation button or the UP and DOWN keys.
  5. Confirm your selection.
  6. The selected language is activated immediately.
  7. Remove the checkmark next to "Operator-Menu" in order to return to the user interface. 

        ! The operator menu is available in English only.

4. Save Screenshot

  1. Start the simulator.
  2. With the right mouse button click the simulator monitor.
  3. Click the button "save screenshot".
  4. Save the screenshot anywhere you like.

5. Activate Service Mode 

  • Service mode cannot be activated in the simulator.