MEDUMAT Transport is SAFE ...

... thanks to the new hygiene input filter

Multi-resistant bacteria pose a growing challenge to emergency medical services and hospitals. As more and more epidemics occur around the world, greater demands for better hygiene increase too.  

Ventilation with MEDUMAT Transport will be even safer in future. The new hygiene input filter protects the device from dust particles and from contamination by viruses and bacteria. During a contamination transport, device, user and patient are now ideally protected. In place of an expensive test of the device in a hygiene laboratory, a simple change of filters suffices.

Your benefits:

  • Protects device from contamination
  • Greater safety for users and patients
  • Improvement of hygienic conditions
  • Filter shelf life of up to six months
  • Filter can be refit on devices in inventory

Refitting your device with the hygiene input filter is very simple:

  • For devices with serial numbers higher than 8000, simply order the set WM 15842 with a call to
    +49-(0)40-88 18 96-120 and refit your MEDUMAT Transport yourself.
  • For devices with serial numbers lower than 8000, contact your local service partner for a refitting.

Tip: Save time and money by having the filter refitting done as part of the next scheduled maintenance work.