MEDUMAT Transport

High-End Ventilation for Every Use


Always on the Safe Side

From pre-hospital care to intensive care transport

You've just put on your uniform when the first alarm sounds, quickly followed by the call to a heart attack victim and transport of an intensive care patient. Everyday work in emergency medical services and hospitals poses one challenge after the other. The constant switching from one emergency to the next demands a ventilator you can rely on at all times. The technology has to adjust to your daily work, not the other way around. And it has to provide active assistance in every situation. MEDUMAT Transport can do it all. Furthermore, the high-end ventilator is economical when it comes to maintenance and oxygen consumption.

Fast, simple, flexible

The WEINMANN Emergency ventilator covers a broad range of uses from pre-hospital treatment to intensive care transport and, thanks to its hygiene input filter, contamination transport too. It also features simple and intuitive operation. In an emergency, MEDUMAT Transport starts up quickly and lets you begin treatment immediately in emergency modes or by entering the patient‘s height. You can pre-configure MEDUMAT Transport to adapt it to your needs for intensive care transport and still adjust ventilation to the requirements of every single patient. The simple navigation puts the varied functions for differentiated ventilation at your fingertips.

By all means

You are free to concentrate on the patient whether you are in the air, on the ground or in the hospital. Given its robust construction, MEDUMAT Transport complies with all major standards, such as RTCA/DO 160 and EN 1789. The ventilator also takes into account the increasing importance of epidemics and highly resistant microbes. Even in contaminated environments, the hygiene input filter reliably protects the device's interior from viruses and bacteria. To make sure that everything runs smoothly after your purchase, WEINMANN Emergency offers you a broad network of service partners for extensive training and excellent service.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Device ready for immediate use
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Ventilation of adults and children
  • Hygiene input filter protects from contamination
  • Several functions for different ventilation modes
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth® (optional)
  • Customized pre-configuration
  • The portable systems meet your mobility requirements