One Resuscitator for Both, Adult and Child: One Resuscitator, Two Patient Groups

Thanks to the unique technology of COMBIBAG, the 2-in-1 resuscitator for adults and children, you always have the right equipment on hand. With a simple 180-degree turn of the COMBIBAG, you vary the volumes quickly and automatically adapt the tidal volume to the patient.

The safety valve limits the ventilation pressure and protects the patient during ventilation with a mask or tube. With COMBIBAG you save time, free up space in your emergency case and save on costs.

Convincing benefits:

  • The intelligent design of COMBIBAG lets you ventilate children from 10 kg with small volumes and adults with larger volumes
  • Greater safety for user and patients: safety valve with two pressure levels for mask and tube ventilation
  • Variety of connection options: improvement in oxygenation by means of oxygen reservoir or demand valve connection
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection: single layer construction for optimum hygienic conditioning
  • Maintenance and disassembly require no tools
  • Latex-free: all components made of silicone or polysulfone
  • You save time, space and expense.