For safe and highly effective CPAP therapy at the scene of emergency


The early pre-hospital use of CPAP therapy (CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for pulmonary edema, for example, leads to an immediate improvement in oxygen uptake. This therapeutic method expels fluids from the lungs and re-opens collapsed alveoli. With the help of MODUL CPAP the user can quickly and safely provide this non-invasive treatment at the scene of an emergency. MODUL CPAP takes over supplying, managing and monitoring the CPAP Boussignac valve.

Great Operating Convenience

  • Simple, safe and robust operation makes device ideal for pre-hospital use
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Setting and monitoring of CPAP therapy in a single device
  • Simple and safe set-up without additional equipment
  • Always available immediately at patient‘s side because it is integrated in LIFE-BASE portable system
  • Administration of CPAP therapy in every situation with the help of a two-meter-long hose
  • Supplemental oxygen feed via O2 Walther or AGA quick coupling. Optionally avaiable with bayonet (AFNOR).

Maximum Therapy Comfort

  • High patient tolerance, thanks to open CPAP valve design: The patient always receives the desired amount of air and can breathe easily at all times
  • Individual adjustment of CPAP pressure for each patient and therapy session by means of infinitely adjustable CPAP pressure settings
  • High pressure stability throughout complete therapy range
  • Almost always 100 % oxygen made possible by constant
  • flow technology