MEDUMAT Standard² is SAFE ...

... thanks to the new hygiene filter

The hygiene filter is a bacterial filter that sits at the device inlet and filters the ambient air that is sucked in. Unlike a traditional dust filter, which only filters the dust particles from the air, viruses and bacteria are retained with the hygiene filter, with an efficiency over 99%.

Mitigate the risk of infection transports and protect patients, users and devices by retrofitting your MEDUMAT Standard² ventilators with a hygiene filter. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • After transport of an infected person, a hygienic treatment and a filter change out are sufficient, the ventilator can then be safely used again
  • Users and patients are better protected from the risk of infection
  • Filter life of up to six months
  • MEDUMAT Standard² ventilators can be easily retrofitted – the dust filter is simply replaced by a hygiene input filter