Innovative Flow Measurement Technology in Ventilation

WEINMANN Emergency sets new standards in modern ventilation technology with the unique FlowCheck sensor. Users demand reliability and precision for continuous monitoring of inspiratory and expiratory tidal and minute volume. The robust construction of the new FlowCheck sensor satisfies their needs. Under the toughest conditions during emergency responses and hygienic reprocessing, the sensor withstands outside influences and up to 50 reprocessing cycles. The unique chip technology ensures delivery of highly precise measurements. With low dead space of only 9 ml, the FlowCheck sensor is suitable for both children and adults. It is available as a disposable or reusable sensor to fulfill all requirements. 

MEDUMAT Standard² combined with the FlowCheck sensor offers:

  • Display of expiratory tidal and minute volume and respiratory frequency for better ventilation monitoring
  • ASB (pressure support) in CPAP and SIMV modes CPAP und SIMV for top results in Non Invasive Ventilation
  • Pressure and flow curves displayed for monitoring purposes