Voice-Guided Ventilator Optimized for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Safety is on duty

Although patient resuscitation is not part of your daily work, you are regularly confronted with this challenging situation. Then it is all the more important to have a partner on your team that‘s completely reliable and capable of helping you with ventilation and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
MEDUMAT Easy CPR was specially developed for emergency ventilation during and after resuscitation. You can, for example, trigger a ventilator breath right from the mask.

The ventilator ensures the highest degree of safety by giving you clear voice prompts that lead you through CPR procedures.

Intuitive operation, small and lightweight

In developing MEDUMAT Easy CPR, we concentrated on ergonomic design, intuitive operation and a size and weight that would be easy to transport.

Increased safety and better outcomes

fast resuscitation

  • quick setting
  • metronome > 100/min
  • ventilation in 5 seconds


  • simple operation
  • low weight
  • easy to transport

safe resuscitation

  • no hyperventilation
  • low risk of stomach inflation

MEDUMAT Easy CPR – cleverly designed

Guideline compliance

  • Tidal volume:
    • 6 – 7 ml/kg weight
    • 500 ml – 600 ml at f = 10/min
  • Acoustic metronome signal f > 100/min ensures the correct chest compression frequency.
  • Ventilation phase in CPR mode: max. 5 seconds
  • Both hands free for mask ventilation

User-friendly operation

  • Small and space-saving
  • Light and handy
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple integration in CPR process


  • You decide in CPR mode when the patient is to be ventilated.
  • Intuitive operation minimizes training needs.
  • Portable system LIFE-BASE makes MEDUMAT Easy CPR mobile.
  • Expandable functionality with WEINMANN Emergency modules
  • Practical accessories, can be safely stored


  • Clear and explicit voice prompts
  • Metronome function ensures correct frequency for CPR
  • Maximum ventilation pressure can be set
  • Switch for ventilation pressure limit (20 mbar / 45 mbar)
  • Visual and acoustic alarms
  • Safe selection of ventilation parameters
  • Dial for tidal volume and ventilation frequency