ULM CASE small

Small emergency case for special fields of application


The handy ULM CASE is suitable for use as a baby emergency medical case (emergency equipment compliant with DIN 13232, Part C, Children) or as a dressing case. The 4.5- kilogram anodized aluminum case is equipped with holders and inserts to accommodate all recommended emergency medical products such as oxygen cylinders, COMBIBAG resuscitator and materials and ampoule strips with space for 21 ampoules.

The ULM CASE Basis is particularly suitable for use in a medical practice or on house calls. It contains the most important equipment such as oxygen cylinders, COMBIBAG resuscitator, blood pressure measuring device and Guedel oropharyngeal tubes and small medical products.

We also provide adhesive labels for several different fields of application that you can affix to the outside of the emergency medical case.