The emergency medical case with flexible configuration


WEINMANN Emergency's extremely robust ULM CASE is equipped with both permanent and variable compartment divisions to suit the needs of the user. Quick access to highly organized equipment makes our emergency medical case one of the most important transport containers in emergency medicine.  

The mid-size version of the emergency medical case, ULM CASE II, with variable compartment divisions in the base, cover and fold-out section, has lots of room for specialized equipment to serve your needs. There is space for Standard or Respiration basic and complete equipment, including oxygen cylinder. Or for DIN-compliant emergency equipment (DIN 13232, Part A, Basis, and Part B, Adults, and Part C, Children).

The case’s size and compartment organization make it the perfect aide for all routine emergency calls.

The advantages of the emergency medical case ULM CASE II:

  • Robust: The ULM CASE II – 526 mm (W) x 400 mm (H) x 200 mm (D) is made of aluminum with a thickness of 1.5 mm.
  • Flexible and clearly organized: The customizable interior in the base and cover of the ULM CASE II perfectly accommodates all your materials and holds them ready for quick access in an emergency. 
  • Safe: The tension belts that secure oxygen cylinders or the manual suction pump MANUVAC guarantee safe transport with ULM CASE II.
  • Practical: Variants of ULM CASE II contain the COMBIBAG or silicone resuscitator, the suction pump MANUVAC or a hand-operated suction pump. The case also has room for several small medical products such as scissors, tweezers, stethoscope and disposable materials.

For hospital use, the ULM CASE II can be easily attached to the medical cart MEDUcart.