The ideal mode at the touch of a button

Support during resuscitation in AED mode


  • Automatic cardiac rhythm analysis and preparation for defibrillation

  • Voice and text instructions

  • Metronome

  • Display of ECG lead and plethysmogram

  • Extensive range of operator settings for regional requirements

  • AED mode for children and adults

Manual defibrillation for experienced users (optional)


  • Adjustable shock energy
  • Biphasic defibrillation impulse
  • Impedance compensation
  • Alarm sounds for asystole and VF/VT
  • Time elapsed since most recent defibrillation is displayed
  • Number of defibrillations carried out is displayed
  • Manual mode can be blocked

Vital parameters at a glance in Monitor mode


  • The 6-lead ECG with the leads: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF
  • Display of heart rate, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure
  • Switchover to parameter view at one touch of a button
  • Quick access to AED mode, NIBP mode and manual mode at the touch of a button

Non-invasive blood pressure measurement in NIBP mode


  • Automatic measurement of blood pressure and visualization of the last three historical values
  • Continuous monitoring of blood pressure with automatic interval measurement
  • Tourniquet function for using the blood pressure cuff for stasis in order to puncture peripheral venous vessels