Customer Reference: O. Perez Preiss

"There are no concessions."

"Simple, fast, safe and reliable", Olaf Perez Preiss constantly returns to these keywords when he has to describe the MEDUMAT Transport from WEINMANN Emergency. For example, there is the "Emergency adult" function. "You press the button, perhaps make one more fine adjustment, then the patient is looked after for the time being and it works."

Following his national service, Olaf Perez Preiss completed training as a paramedic and then retrained as an emergency assistant. He has also been managing a training department for 25 years. He has been with the air ambulance for five years, so he certainly has plenty of experience.

He enthuses about the air ambulance. It’s the mixture of emergency call-outs and transport of intensive care patients, the original emergency service, the intensive medicine and the technology in the helicopter which fascinate him. “It’s the whole package which is a pleasure.”

In addition to medical care itself, he is extremely interested in technical issues. “Devices for monitoring the patient fly with the helicopter - ECG, saturation, arterial blood pressure measurement. Yet of these, ventilation is almost the most important;” he reports, “we fly with two MEDUMAT Transport devices. One device is in use, the other is a back-up. After all, almost 90 % of our trips involve ventilation.”

The MEDUMAT Transport provides identical monitoring to devices on the ward, he explains enthusiastically. “Straight one-to-one equivalence.”

Service and maintenance also run perfectly in Olaf Perez Preiss's opinion. “We have good contact with our service engineer at WEINMANN Emergency.” Before servicing, the air ambulance is given a replacement device, then their own device is sent to Hamburg. This ensures seamless cover. “And if a problem ever arises, then it’s solved
within less than 24 hours
”, Olaf Perez Preiss is content to report. There is a quick response to queries.

Our regional representative, Mr Röder, is very conscientious about this. He really is always there for us”. The service package works.

Olaf Perez Preiss is amazed at how much complex medical technology can fit into such a small box, as he puts it. And this small box is in use for three to four hours every day. Safe and reliable. “It really is impressive”.