Requirements profile for suppliers

The success of our medical devices is strictly dependent on their quality. We pursue the goal of fulfilling the ever-increasing technological quality requirements of our customers while keeping in mind decreasing market prices in an environment of scarce resources for health care. 

In following our purchasing strategy, which is oriented toward economical and ecological requirements, we prefer long-term cooperation with suppliers who share our company philosophy. Together with you we strive for top quality and great efficiency. We consider ourselves to be a developing management enterprise with exceptionally good access to the market. As such, we look for national and international suppliers of structural components and primarily conduct final assembly and testing on our premises ourselves. 

Relationships with our suppliers are oriented toward performance and based on partnerships of mutual trust. Our business ethics are built on the principles of honesty, reliability and predictability.

If you would like to receive our purchase inquiries, send your electronic application to us at PurchasingDepartment(at) Based on the supplier information we have on file for you, we will direct our requests to you as needed.