Purchasing Portfolio

For our production we require the following ready-to-install products and structural components in the following areas:

  • design and tool-dependent synthetic parts
  • electronic printed circuit boards
  • electromechanical components
  • design-dependent parts for turn lathes, mill and stamping work
  • design-dependent transforming items
  • design-dependent textile products
  • pneumatic components
  • services
  • semi-finished goods
  • technical and medical standard products
  • sensor technology

Please note:

  • Annual needs for our items lie between 1 to 40,000 pieces.
  • We mainly pursue single sourcing.
  • We place general orders covering several years.
  • For logistical reasons, we avoid using auxiliary parts and prefer functionally tested structural components.
  • Kanban delivery contracts are preferred.
  • For tool-dependent parts, we generally acquire the ownership of tools after successful acceptance of a production series.
  • As a rule, we specify our materials in detail and expect documented compliance with the specifications.

Standard purchasing conditions:

Quotation: CPT (Carriage Paid To) (Incoterms 2010), including packaging

Payment terms: within 14 days from invoice date ./. 2% or within 30 days from invoice date net Packaging: Pendulum packing is preferred 

Standard Conditions of Purchase of WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG, Hamburg