Purchasing Department

An optimum of flexibility and delivery reliability during purchasing and production

Market requirements are continuously changing. A high ability to adapt is essential nowadays. Our purchasing strategy is oriented toward the economic requirements that we have identified. In doing so, it is a matter of course that we and our partners focus on the long-term economic advantage for both sides.

Our goal is to address the increasing technological quality demands of our clients – despite sinking market prices as a consequence of steadily limited funds in the health care sector.

We are counting on cooperation and on the continuous improvement of processes on a partnership basis. For this reason we give preference to suppliers whose company philosophy resembles ours. Furthermore, our partners should distinguish themselves through established and applied quality management, delivery and contractual reliability, as well as taking great pleasure in innovation.

"Our business ethics are based on openness, trust, accountability and dependability – for products for which we are trusted"

Business involving the many technical drawings prepared especially for us does not always work at first go  – yet cooperation will not be possible with a supplier who cannot identify with our quality demands. Long-term partnerships with specialist companies with special designs enable the best-possible development of all components. In this way, we can guarantee non-wasteful processing of the highest level – while offering optimal prices to our clients.

In 2005 we decided to be more than just developers. Since this time, we are on the lookout for intelligent products suitable for us, that would supplement our product line. Similarly, for products for which we would be trusted.

Mario Studt

Procurement Manager