MEDUMAT Standard² – A clear new perspective with new options

10-19-2015 News

Every second counts in an emergency. There is no room for error when the patient needs help with breathing. Because the demands made on emergency medical personnel are so high in such situations, WEINMANN Emergency created the ideal partner with its advanced development of MEDUMAT Standard².

There's a new perspective on flexibility too. The new MEDUMAT Standard² has many more functions than the preceding model.  One new option permits flow measurement close to the patient along with the display of the following: MVe, Vte, f, fsp, Vleak. The unique FlowCheck sensor is particularly robust, both during use and hygienic reprocessing. Another option is sidestream capnography for reliable ventilation monitoring. Besides IPPV, MEDUMAT Standard2 is equipped with the ventilation modes CPR (for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), RSI (for assistance with induction of anesthesia) and CPAP + ASB (for non-invasive ventilation). Future enhancements will allow optional activation of pressure-controlled modes such as PCV, aPCV, BiLevel + ASB or PRVC + ASB. In MEDUMAT Standard², WEINMANN Emergency provides you with a reliable partner for pre-hospital care, emergency room treatment and secondary transport.