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OXYWAY Oxygen Pressure Reducers and Flow Regulators

Only an exact dose of oxygen can achieve the desired effect from your patient's ventilation treatment. The extremely precise regulation provided by OXYWAY pressure reducers makes them very useful in oxygen therapy and emergency medicine. Equipped with ultrasonic-tested high-pressure housing and...


Oxygen Cylinders and Bags

Oxygen cylinders from 0.3 to 10 liters and with a large range of different international connectors.

Corresponding bags in blue and green for 2 l to 5 l cylinders.


O2 Box Rescue Portable Oxygen System

You can count on O2 Box Rescue if a large quantity of oxygen is needed quickly! The portable oxygen system for mass casualty incidents and disasters is easy to operate, extremely strong and ready for immediate use. The different outlets of the oxygen administrator provide you with maximum...


ACCUVAC Pro Electric Suction Device

Proven quality for professional use – ACCUVAC Pro is your reliable partner when it comes to saving lives. Clearing of the airways is the first, life-saving step when faced with an airway obstruction. This is the only way of ensuring effective ventilation for the emergency patient. Suction capacity...


ACCUVAC Lite Electric Suction Device

You can count on safe suction with ACCUVAC Lite – the new generation of the standard for airway suction which has been in place for decades. The high suction capacity and simple operation guarantee quick and effective treatment in emergency situations, both for emergency medical services and in...


ACCUVAC Rescue Electric Suction Device

ACCUVAC Rescue can be used anywhere in any suction situation. It is equally suitable for suctioning the patient‘s oral cavity, nose, throat and bronchial system and for deflating air mattresses and inflatable splints. The crashresistant wall mounting (EN 1789) protects the suction pump from damage...


ACCUVAC Basic Electric Suction Device

Free and clear airways are crucial to a patient‘s survival. For decades ACCUVAC Basic has been the standard for airway suction. ACCUVAC Basic effectively removes obstructions to breathing from the patient‘s mouth, nose and throat or from tracheal and bronchial tubes. The portable suction pump can be...


MANUVAC Manual Suction Device

Operation by hand and foot possible, coarse particles can also be removed by suction using the two-level suction hose, fits into the ULM CASE and into the RESCUE-PACK.


ULM Case Emergency Cases

All our emergency cases comply with the requirements of DIN 13232 for emergency equipment such as corrosion protection, splash water protection, resistance to fuels and a drop test from a height of 1 m. This all means they have unlimited suitability for use in demanding emergency situations. The...


RESCUE-PACK Emergency Backpacks

The light and extremely strong emergency backpacks from WEINMANN Emergency combine the concept of the ULM CASE with the advantages of a backpack. In addition to providing you with a clear overview, the RESCUE-PACK offers you lots of room for maneuver. You can keep your hands free for further...