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Related Companies

We are a Team Player

In this section we would like to introduce you to two companies with whom we have been working closely for a long time. In joint projects, we complement each other and thus arrive at the best, optimally coordinated solutions for our customers.

Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

Corscience is an established development service provider for international medical technology companies. We provide innovative solutions for humans and are leaders in our areas of expertise as electrical stimulation and monitoring, ventilation and gas analysis as well as mobile health. Corscience is a “one stop company” due to its wide range of medical devices and systems for use in clinical, preclinical and home care applications as well as for clinical studies. With us, you get everything from one source:

  • Medical Device Engineering
  • Products and Licenses
  • Manufacturing and Test Services

With Corscience, you will gain a reliable partner with individual consultation and custom work at the highest technical level.

Tech2go Mobile Systems GmbH

With its digital patient recording software MedicalPad, Tech2go records more than 20,000 records every day and, in doing so, benefits from its longstanding experience and agile methods of development. Tech2go assumes a pioneering role within the emergency services field in the area of digital recording. With their technology, Tech2go wants to accelerate and improve patient care. Tech2go meets the high-quality standards with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. Opting to use Tech2go solutions is the right decision if the intention is to optimize the day-to-day procedures and processes within the emergency services industry – from the alerts sent out from the dispatch center to the handover of the protocol at the hospital along with all patient information.. All this means that the emergency services have more time for the most important thing: the patient.
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