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Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department

An Optimum of Flexibility and Delivery Reliability During Purchasing and Production

Market requirements are continuously changing. A high ability to adapt is essential nowadays. Our purchasing strategy is oriented toward the economic requirements that we have identified. In doing so, it is a matter of course that we and our partners focus on the long-term economic advantage for both sides.

Purchasing Portfolio

For our production we require the following ready-to-install products and structural components in the following areas:

  • Design and tool-dependent synthetic parts
  • Electronic printed circuit boards
  • Electromechanical Components
  • Design-dependent parts for turn lathes, mill and stamping work
  • Design-dependent transforming items
  • Design-dependent textile products
  • Pneumatic components
  • Services
  • Semi-finished goods
  • Technical and medical standard products
  • Sensor technology



  • Annual needs for our items lie between 1 to 40,000 pieces.
  • We mainly pursue single sourcing.
  • We place general orders covering several years.
  • For logistical reasons, we avoid using auxiliary parts and prefer functionally tested structural components.
  • Kanban delivery contracts are preferred.
  • For tool-dependent parts, we generally acquire the ownership of tools after successful acceptance of a production series.
  • As a rule, we specify our materials in detail and expect documented compliance with the specifications.

Standard Conditions of Purchase

Quotation: CPT (Carriage Paid To) (Incoterms 2010), including packaging

Payment terms: within 14 days from invoice date ./. 2% or within 30 days from invoice date net Packaging: Pendulum packing is preferred 


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Quality Starts With Supplier Selection

Our goal is to address the increasing technological quality demands of our clients – despite sinking market prices as a consequence of steadily limited funds in the health care sector.

We are counting on cooperation and on the continuous improvement of processes on a partnership basis. For this reason we give preference to suppliers whose company philosophy resembles ours. Furthermore, our partners should distinguish themselves through established and applied quality management, delivery and contractual reliability, as well as taking great pleasure in innovation.

"Our business ethics are based on openness, trust, accountability and dependability – for products for which we are trusted"

Business involving the many technical drawings prepared especially for us does not always work at first go  – yet cooperation will not be possible with a supplier who cannot identify with our quality demands. Long-term partnerships with specialist companies with special designs enable the best-possible development of all components. In this way, we can guarantee non-wasteful processing of the highest level – while offering optimal prices to our clients.

In 2005 we decided to be more than just developers. Since this time, we are on the lookout for intelligent products suitable for us, that would supplement our product line. Similarly, for products for which we would be trusted.

Jan Herburg

Procurement Manager

Requirements Profile for Suppliers

The success of our medical devices is strictly dependent on their quality

We pursue the goal of fulfilling the ever-increasing technological quality requirements of our customers while keeping in mind decreasing market prices in an environment of scarce resources for health care. 

In following our purchasing strategy, which is oriented toward economical and ecological requirements, we prefer long-term cooperation with suppliers who share our company philosophy. Together with you we strive for top quality and great efficiency. We consider ourselves to be a developing management enterprise with exceptionally good access to the market. As such, we look for national and international suppliers of structural components and primarily conduct final assembly and testing on our premises ourselves. 

Relationships with our suppliers are oriented toward performance and based on partnerships of mutual trust. Our business ethics are built on the principles of honesty, reliability and predictability.

If you would like to receive our purchase inquiries, send your electronic application to us at PurchasingDepartment(at)weinmann-emt.de. Based on the supplier information we have on file for you, we will direct our requests to you as needed.

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