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states André Schulte, CEO

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A Career at WEINMANN Emergency

As an international, family-owned medical technology company, we provide diverse challenges and long-term prospects in an innovative environment. As part of a well-balanced team made up of experienced professionals and young graduates, you can play an active role in the development of top-quality medical technology. Get involved with us!

“Creative product ideas don't happen by chance – if you want to help shape the future, you should always be one step ahead. With our long-term growth initiative, we have found a way to pool the energy of our employees and partners into one force. This is what gives us our innovative capability and allows us to anticipate developments in internationalization and digitalization.”   

Sinje Baumann, Head of Human Resources

Seize this opportunity to get started in an exciting and pioneering industry. Ensuring that we have the best employees is the only way to continue fulfilling the diverse demands of our customers in the future. Get to know more about us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Head of Human Resources

Sinje Baumann

Phone: +49 - (0)40 - 88 18 96 – 176
Email: karriere@weinmann-emt.de

Head of Education, Higher Education Marketing, Internships

Astrid Hafke

Phone: +49 - (0)40 - 88 18 96 - 116
Email: karriere@weinmann-emt.de

WEINMANN Emergency Headquarters Germany

About WEINMANN Emergency

Team Spirit and Individual Responsibility at the Heart of What We Do As an Employer

We at WEINMANN Emergency foster a culture of actively giving and taking, which includes flexible working hours, actively promoting health, as well as joint events. We want you to feel part of a diverse team which values individual responsibility and commitment, and, first and foremost, is passionate about what it does.

Employee Survey

WEINMANN Emergency Employee Survey

Results Attest to Great Working Environment and Satisfied Employees

At the end of 2014, WEINMANN Emergency carried out an employee survey in collaboration with an external service provider. The results spoke for themselves. In comparison with other industrial companies, we were above the benchmark with 90 percent of the survey results.

Almost 80 percent of our employees once again used the opportunity to give their feedback on the company in 2016. The results show that our values, such as individual responsibility, flexibility, and a culture of mutual respect, are not just empty words, but are truly put into action.

In the categories of employee commitment, success-oriented support, strategic direction, trust in the leadership team, quality and customer focus, and respect and recognition, we once again received above-average scores in comparison with the external benchmark.

“I am proud of this result and our outstanding WEINMANN Emergency team. We are optimistic and can work on finer points from the findings of the survey to improve even further,” states Philipp Schroeder, COO

The good work-life balance (flexible working hours and working from home) drew special attention. Our employees praise the general conditions which WEINMANN has established, allowing them to reconcile the daily demands of their career with their family duties.

Our employees also appreciate the good company culture with flat hierarchies, as well as the good working environment that is characterized by trust, respect, and individual responsibility. When a company trusts its people, they are engaged and enthusiastic, think creatively and develop an independent intuition for the correct proportionality in decision-making.

It’s not just our customers that appreciate our high-quality products – around 96 percent of our employees are proud of WEINMANN Emergency products developed in-house. Innovative product ideas stem from the imaginations of our creative and committed employees, who are able to develop their skills freely at our company. We won’t deny the fact that we place high demands on our employees. In order to achieve the best possible results, we leave no stone unturned and establish the ideal basis for success.

The results show that we are on the right path and have achieved a lot to date. We stand out due to our character, compassion, and a productive principle of cooperation. We will continue to pursue this path into the future in order to further exploit our potential.

In summary...

  • 92% would recommend WEINMANN Emergency as an employer
  • 92% feel respected as an individual
  • 90% praise the independent way of working
  • 96% are proud of the products we make
  • 94% understand the connection between their work and the corporate strategy/corporate objectives
  • 90% praise the comprehensive training of new employees


Employer with distinction

The “Hamburger Allianz für Familien” (Hamburg alliance for families) was so impressed by our family-friendly policies that they honored us as a family-friendly company with the “Hamburger Familiensiegel” (Hamburg family seal) award on January 7, 2008. The annual inspection conducted by the “Hamburger Allianz für Familien” confirms that we remain a family-friendly company to this day.


Prospects and Development Opportunities – WEINMANN as an Employer

We know that what motivates people (in addition to interesting and attractive assignments) is social interaction. This is why we asked your potential colleagues what a career at WEINMANN Emergency could offer you.

Kristin Ratschiller

Team Leader for the Quality Management Systems + Regulatory Affairs department

"I have worked at WEINMANN Emergency since 2012 when I started out in the department for quality management and regulatory affairs. After my studies and a few years of work experience in other medical technology companies, I continued to focus on the field of quality management systems and regulatory affairs at WEINMANN Emergency. In 2016 WEINMANN placed its trust in me and gave me the opportunity to move up and become Team Leader for the QM Systems + Regulatory Affairs department. This meant that I was able to take on responsibility for employees in addition to my core duties.”

Thies Töbermann

Quality Management Supply Chain

“In 2008 I started my dual study program in industrial engineering at Nordakademie university in cooperation with WEINMANN. There was no prescribed program for the practical phases at the company, meaning that I could choose my training path according to my own abilities and interests. In doing so, I was always able to rely on the support of very experienced colleagues. Just a few years into my career, WEINMANN gave me the opportunity to head up the QM Supply Chain team. This is just one example of how WEINMANN trusts its employees and nurtures their talents.”