M. Stengel, WEINMANN Emergency

M. Stengel

Application Specialist - WEINMANN Emergency

I could never imagine myself selling washing machines

Marian Stengel is an application specialist who has worked for WEINMANN Emergency for eight years now. As one of the first emergency paramedics in Germany, he has reached the highest level of non-physician medical education that can be attained. He is also a well-studied business administration graduate. What excites him about working at WEINMANN Emergency is that he can perfectly blend his professional interests. “I was interested in this symbiosis,” he says. “You can combine these two specific fields into one job.”

Marian Stengel is not only a trained paramedic, he has also worked as a lecturer at the Landesrettungsschule Brandenburg school for emergency responders. This experience is also a benefit to him at WEINMANN Emergency. “Knowledge transfer is an important part of the emergency medical service for me. That’s also part of my job here at WEINMANN,” he explains. The Landesrettungsschule Brandenburg school for emergency responders still books him today for his knowledge of the subject of non-invasive ventilation. “They associate WEINMANN with a very high level of expertise. I am not only able to impart theoretical knowledge, I can also say what that looks like in practice.” Marian Stengel finds it ideal to get people on board from such an early stage.

He always enjoys providing instructions and training on using the devices for the customer. His expertise as an emergency paramedic gives him an excellent starting point. “That’s the kind of staff you find at WEINMANN Emergency”: He receives a lot of appreciation from the customer.

To him, it is absolutely vital to be 100% behind the product. “I could never imagine myself selling washing machines, I couldn’t bring this passion.”

M. Stengel, WEINMANN Emergency

The enthusiasm is also clear when Marian Stengel talks about working in his team and in the company. The flat hierarchy, the communication on an equal footing with colleagues, the appreciation of his work – those are the features of working at WEINMANN Emergency for him. He values the fact that a high level of flexibility is asked of him. “No two customer appointments are the same. And I get a lot of positive feedback.

It is the overall picture, the expertise and the family – he says: “I just enjoy it!