M. Becker, WEINMANN Emergency

M. Becker

Application Specialist - WEINMANN Emergency

"I need to know how things work - it's just my motivation"

Marco Becker works since three years for WEINMANN Emergency. He has basic training as a nurse and specialist training as a specialist nurse for intensive care and anesthesia.

In addition, he has been a paramedic with emergency services for over seven years and continues to work operationally, even today. He also has a degree in business management. Most recently, he built a new neurological intensive care unit in a hospital in Darmstadt. His experience in the clinical and non-clinical areas is immense. He is, as he says himself, very inquisitive. He does everything with great passion.
The fact that he can use his previous knowledge for his work at WEINMANN Emergency stimulates him: "I'm doing this because I am convinced of the devices. Otherwise I would not even be able to make it accessible to people."

Marco Becker is a contactperson for all products that WEINMANN Emergency has in its portfolio. And in this area he is in good hands: "I need to know how things work. Especially in the case of ventilation." This is what drives him and he can relay this in training, product briefing, as well as at trade fairs and in workshops.

His extensive experience brings a lot of insight that he can include in customer contact. "I understand the troubles and fears, as well as the needs. I know how ambulance services function," he says, "this is positive." At the end of a training course, if there are technical questions, he can answer them on equal footing. This is important to him. "Always keep practice up."

But there is still much more to it: "Find out what the customer wants and needs. And, above all, get an idea of something that might be for them and offer it to them" - and indeed exceeding the customer's expectation is what he sees as his personal challenge. But he also sees himself as an interface between the customer and the product manager. Reflecting feedback from the customer side, from the user's perspective, is important for product development.

He values the respectful and familiar behavior with his employer. "This doesn't just stop after the first few weeks," he says.

M. Becker, WEINMANN Emergency