D. Bargfrede, WEINMANN Emergency

D. Bargfrede

Product Manager - WEINMANN Emergency

Cool, those are our devices on-board

Dustin Bargfrede has been with WEINMANN Emergency since 2013. He works in customer service for the office-based sales team which primarily involves receiving orders, creating quotations and providing consulting, at both a national and international level. He is a well-studied wholesaling and exports salesman, but is also a trained paramedic, and still volunteers for three to four shifts a month today.

He works at WEINMANN Emergency because it allows him to combine his two areas of interest. He says he really values the fact that his professional duties involve issues, products and customers that interest him: “I find it very easy to identify with.”

D. Bargfrede, WEINMANN Emergency

His experience in the emergency medical services helps him to discern the needs of his customers. “We’re just on the same wavelength,” he explains. He is very empathic. The same is true of his colleagues: “It’s like everyone has the same hobby, to put it a little bluntly.” For Dustin Bargfrede, the rescue services create a certain kind of collective sense of unity, which may not be essential, but certainly does help. He gets a real sense of enjoyment and respect in his dealings with colleagues. “It is the whole package,” he explains, “the subject area, the peer support and the hobby.

He greatly appreciates the continuous development of products and the associated challenges along with continued innovation and training. “Our products are very specific and complex, and require in-depth consulting. As a result, willingness to interact closely with the customer is important.” Individual responsibility is very important.

Dustin Bargfrede explains that it’s never about following a specific formula, that there is always a need to understand the problems and find the right solutions, and stresses how important that is to him. “In the end, it really has to fit the customer’s needs perfectly.”

That’s why he still rides on the emergency response vehicles in his free time. He wants to understand how his products are used, and to offer advice from that perspective. “If you don’t, you just end up trying to memorize things afterwards.” He certainly doesn’t want that.

And he is proud that “his” company is a market leader. “When I’m on the road and I see an emergency response vehicle, I always check if I can see the devices, and then think, cool, those are our devices on-board.