D. Bargfrede, WEINMANN Emergency

D. Bargfrede

Product Manager - WEINMANN Emergency

Cool, those are our devices on-board

Dustin Bargfrede has been part of the WEINMANN Emergency family since 2013. After four years in a customer service role, he switched to product management. He is a well-studied wholesaling and exports salesman, but is also a trained paramedic, and still volunteers for two to three shifts a month today.

For Bargfrede, his work is more than just a job. “I like to be able to identify with the subject areas, services and products,” he explains. “That is what is great about WEINMANN Emergency. Here, I have turned one of my hobbies into a career, so to speak.” 

D. Bargfrede, WEINMANN Emergency

His experience in the emergency medical services helps him to discern the needs of his customers. “I am on the same wavelength as the users of our products and can easily put myself in their position.” The situation is similar with his colleagues; “It is as if we all had the same hobby, which gives us common ground,” says Bargfrede. He gets a real sense of enjoyment and respect in his dealings with colleagues.

What he appreciates most is the continuous development of products and the associated challenges. In this job it is highly important to show individual responsibility, think for oneself and be willing to educate oneself further. “Our products are very specific and complex, and require in-depth consulting. As a result, willingness to interact closely with the customer is important.” It is never about following a specific formula. There is always a need to understand the problems and find the right solutions. The most important thing is: “In the end, it really has to fit the customer’s needs perfectly.”

For this reason, alongside his work at WEINMANN Emergency, Dustin Bargfrede finds it important to continue riding on the ambulance.

He not only wants to have a theoretical grasp on the products, but also to understand and use them in practice. “I am truly proud that we are market leaders in our segment. Whenever I see an emergency vehicle I always find it cool when our products are on-board.”